User: Pass: Remember me? is a new Advertising Network from Broadcastpapers which reaches Content Professionals where they gather online – Association, Society, Event, Social Networking & other related industry web sites.

There are three elements to the network:

  1. The Content Farm – mini web-sites devoted to new product releases by category or industry news by geography.
  2. Association Web Sites – take headline feeds from the Content Farm tailored to their area of interest. Headline links take visitors back to the Content Farm, and then ...
  3. The BroadcastAds Server serves banner ads to the relevant Content Farm site.
Part Reuters/Wire Service, part ad server, thee Network places your message infront of relevant, active industry professionals worldwide.

Exclusive Positions
  1. Top Page Banner Ads from US$730/month
  2. Right Hand Tile Ads from US$640/month Bottom Page Banner Ads from US$500/month

 Positions Per Page View

  1. Top Page Banner Ads from US$400/10,000 page views
  2. Right Hand Tile Ads from US$300/10,000 page views
  3. Bottom Page Banner Ads from US$250/10,000 page views
Per Page View Positions are sold and served to web sites on a non-exclusive basis. Serving frequency of individual ads is dependent on total number of ads booked per position.

The BroadcastAds Network of Sites

The list of Industry web sites taking content feeds from the BroadcastAds Network is quickly growing, but already includes:
  • The BKSTS (UK and USA)
  • SMPTE Australia
  • Cable & Satellite Broadcasting Association of Asia (CASBAA)
  • The Australian Broadcast Exhibition (ABE)
  • Various groups & profiles on LinkedIn and Facebook
  • See the web site for the latest listing.

    The 4th Element – Your Marketing Tools

    OK, we did fib slightly when we said there were three elements to There is a fourth – the homepage where we have laid out free marketing tools to help you do your job. These include (so far):
    • News from the BroadcastAds Content Farm
    • Real time whitepaper download stats from
    • Event listings with download to desktop calendar
    • Whitepaper category traffic reports
    • Media kit downloads

      For more information, call +61 (0)2 9332 2221 or email